Spotify, streaming and other digital fun

It’s a brave new digital world and the Screwtops (like it or not) are in the middle of it. In the post Napster music world, more and more, listeners turn to streaming services for their music. While this has turned the music business on it’s ear, so to speak, it has created opportunities (and challenges) for the independent artists, such as The Screwtops.

The opportunities lie in that you can publish a recording to streaming services for relatively little money (above and beyond the cost of recording). In theory, it lets the artist get their music “to the people” with promises of “leveling the playing field.

The reality is that the “Democracy” is much more of an olligarchy: the algorithms heavily favor music that is played more (because there is more data). It is further skewed by the fact that major record labels have large equity stakes in Spotify (shocker, I know.)

We do offer our music on all major streaming services and you can support us by playing our music there, adding it to your favorites, your playlists and “following” us on Spotify (both free and subscription versions). It’s a win-win: You get to listen to our music and we, in turn, get our music made available to a larger audience as our music becomse more “visible” thatnks to the algorthms.

So go ahead, give us a listen, a “like” and a “Follow”. You can even listen right here:

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